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  • Manufacturer: Supermax
  • Model: SuperBrush 24
  • Size: 24
  • Condition: New
SAND PARTS AS SMALL AS 3 INCHES with this SuperMax SuperBrush 24! An affordable way to quickly get the results typically expected from hand sanding while increasing output and consistency. Sand small parts efficiently and effectively with the SuperBrush 24! Dozens of brush heads available to effectively sand a wide variety of applications! Clean product, open grain for stain, denib cabinet fronts, panel clean, ease edges, profile sand and distress. Whitewood sand, primer sand, scuff sand, shutter sand, de-gloss, distress, and sealer sand all on the same machine. Wire brush used to make new wood look weathered, or create wood-grain texture.

Very effective for sanding several parts or moldings at one time. Use on plastics or plastic composites and other solid surface materials. Reinforced steel conveyor bed with a poly conveyor belt. Manual height adjustment, 3/32 per turn

RPM gauge displays variable brush speed, 100-1,700 PRM.
Maximum Width: 24"
Minimum Length: 3" x 3" flat part (no holes)
Maximum Thickness: 3", varies with brush style
Minimum Thickness: 1/32"
Dimensions: 52"H x 46"W x 35"D
Brush: 9"-12" typical diameter
Brush Speed: infinitely variable, 100-1,700 RPM
Dust Hoods: hinged back steel with 1- 4" vacuum port; vacuum hold down has 1- 4" vacuum port; 600 CFM min. for both
Conveyor Motor: 220 in.-lb. torque, direct drive D.C. motor, infinitely variable 0-30 FPM
Drive Motor (TEFC): 5 HP, 3 PH, 220v 60HZ, continuous duty
Shipping Weight: 595 lbs