• Manufacturer: Wadkin Bursgreen
  • Model: RK526
  • Size: 24-inch, 15hp, 208/220v, 3ph
  • Condition: Rebuilt

This used Wadkin Burgsreen panel planing machine embodies many labour-saving features, and designed throughout on the most robust lines to produce a superfine finish on hard or soft timbers. It is a high-speed machine with four-knife cutterhead running at 4,000rpm, and with a maximum feed speed of 100fpm. This machine is compact, the drives being built into the main frame without sacrificing accessibility. Maintenance is simplified by the clean, unbroken lines of the machine. All driving mechanism is enclosed, and the inside of the main frame is entirely covered in to prevent the accumulation of chips and dirt. This machine is built with sectional chipbreaker and sectional feed roll. Includes the dust hood.

The table a cast-iron, precision ground on the face. A feature of the design is the depth of the table and the length of the table slides, which make the table rigid under heavy cuts and eliminate vibration. It is raised and lowered 9" by means of a screw operated by chain and conveniently placed handwheel. Anti-friction ball thrust washers take the weight of the table and permit quick and easy rise and fall motion. All mechanism is protected from harmful dust and chips. Scale registers exact thickness being planed. A four point lock is fitted to the table, controlled by a hand lever. Table rollers are arranged with a small vertical adjustment, operated by a handwheel. This enables the rollers to be quickly set in relation to the table surface, to suit the condition of the timber. The rollers are mounted on ball bearings and extend the full width of the table. Power feed rollers are of steel and are 4" diameter to ensure a powerful and steady control of the timber. The infeed roller is normally sectional and is fluted. The feeding out roller is smooth. The sections of the infeed roller are 3" wide and made of forged steel. Is section is controlled by 12 coil springs which allow for a 3/16" variation in the thickness of the material. The feed roller pressures are controlled by adjustable springs, totally enclosed, yet easily adjustable on the top feed covers.

Made in England
Maximum width: 24" (610mm)
Maximum thickness: 9" (229mm)
Feed rate: 25, 40, 45, 60, 72 and 100 ft/min
Cutterhead diameter: 5" (127mm)
Cutterhead speed: 4,000 rpm
Power feed rolls diameter: 4" (101mm)
Table: 45 long (1,166mm)
Motor: 15hp 208/220v 40.7a, 3ph
Weight: 3,700lb (1,680kg) approx.