• Manufacturer: Logan
  • Model: 200
  • Size: 10-inch x 24-inch 1/2hp 110/220v 1ph
  • Condition: Rebuilt
This used No. 200 Logan back geared screw cutting metal lath is a fine production tool developed for the shop requiring a high speed lath of sustained accuracy. Advanced design, sound engineering, expert workmanship and rigid inspection all contribute to its excellence. With many superior features including: Preloaded, grease sealed-for-life ball bearing headstock spindle; precision ground ways - 2 prismatic V-ways, 2- flat ways. When the pulley guard is raised, belt tension is automatically released for quick belt change. The ball bearing spindle mounting is advanced design that is more expensive and produces finer results. Reversible power longitudinal feed. Reversible power cross feed. Cross slide and compound rest top slide graduated in thousandths. Cross feed screw and top slide screw mounted on self-lubricating bronze bearings. Compound rest swivel graduated 90degrees in both directions.

Made in U.S.A.
Swing over bed and saddle wings: 10-1/2"
Swing over saddle cross slide: 6-1/8"
Distance between centers: 24"
Bed Length: 43-1/8"
Spindle bore: 25/32" / MT3
Spindle Nose: 1-1/2"-8
Lead screw: 3/4"-8 tpi
Threads: 46 Right-hand or left-hand 4 - 216 tpi
Spindle speed, back gears engaged: 30, 56, 70, 104, 131, 244
Spindle speeds, direct belt driven: 179, 334, 420, 620, 780, 1,450
Cross slide travel: 6-1/4"
Compound rest top slide travel: 2-1/4"
Tool post opening for tool holder shank: 33/8" x 3/4"
Size of cutter bits used: 1/4" square
Tailstock spindle travel: 2-3/8"
Tailstock center: MT2
Drive Belt: flat belt
Stand: Cast iron legs
Motor: 1/2hp 110/220v 8/4amp 1ph
Weight: 510 lbs