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  • Manufacturer: Powermatic
  • Model: WP2510
  • Size: 25-inch, 15hp, 230v, 3ph
  • Condition: New
The POWERMATIC WP2510 Planer has a solid steel helical cutterhead with four-sided carbide knife inserts that require no adjustments when changing. With a digital readout and simple PC controller, setting up table heights is quick and easy. The frame is machined from heavy cast iron and has extra wide side panels that offer rigid bed support and ensure accurate alignment. The planer's segmented, serrated infeed roll with segmented chip breakers has an independent yield of 1/4. Its automatically adjusting, chain drive gear box powers the 3" diameter infeed rollers, solid pressure bar and dual outfeed rollers for precise feeding of stock. The 3-speed feed selector gives woodworkers flexibility by changing feed rates quickly and easily. The WP2510 Planer has a large 32-3/16" x 26" precision-ground table which contains two adjustable table rollers for smooth feeding of uneven stock. The planer has a Quick-Set micro-adjustable lever that easily raises and lowers the table rollers from 0 to 0.05". The hood features a built-in 5" diameter dust chute. Solid steel helical insert head with four-sided carbide insert tooling, eliminates need for adjustment after changing knives, reduces sound levels. Digital readout and simple PC controller make quick and easy table height set ups. Segmented serrated infeed roll with segmented chip breakers has 1/4" independent yield, for planing multiple height stock. Massive gear box maintains positive feed by using a large chain drive with automatic chain tensioners, to power infeed and outfeed rollers. 3" diameter infeed and outfeed rollers are supported by four large needle bearings for long life. Quick-Set micro-adjustable lever easily raises and lowers table rollers from 0" to 0.050" at a touch. Frame machined from heavy cast iron and extra wide side panels with gibs, offers rigid bed support and accurate alignment. Solid pressure bar has wide foot for long wear and can be adjusted on both ends for precise feeding3 speed feed selector allows you to quickly change feed rates. Large 32-3/16 x 26 precision-ground table contains two adjustable table rollers for smooth feeding of uneven stock. Dust hood features built-in 5" dust chute for efficient dust collection.
Standard Equipment: Helical head with four sided inserts, Dust hood with 5" diameter dust port, Segmented infeed rollers, Segmented chip breakers, Tool kit with pneumatic screwdriver for removing the cutterhead insert blades.

*Promotion ends June 30 2018
Maximum Planing Width: 25"
Maximum Planing Depth: 1/4"
Maximum Full Width Planing Depth: 1/8"
Maximum Planing Thickness: 9" auto, 10" manual
Minimum Planing Length: 10"
Cutterhead Diameter: 3-3/8"
Cutterhead speed: 5,000 RPM
Cuts per Minute: 30,000
Number of knives: 174 (4-sided)
Feed rate: 20 / 25 / 30 FPM
Segmented Infeed Roller Diameter: 3"
Outfeed Roller Diameter: 2-1/2"
Bed Roller Adjustable from Front: 0 0.05
Table size: 32-3/16 x 26"
Table Support: 2 Columns
Digital Readout: Inch / Metric
Dust Collection Minimum Required: 600 CFM
Dust port O.D.: 5"
Motor: 15 HP, 230v, 37 amps, 3ph
Recommended Circuit Size: 50 Amps
Table Hoist Motor: 1/2 hp, 3 ph
Overall Dimensions: 42" long x 53-1/2" wide x 60" high
Net weight: 1,585 lbs
Shipping weight: 1,760 lbs