• Manufacturer: Powermatic
  • Model: 87
  • Size: 20-inch, 1.5 hp 220v 3 phase
  • Condition: Excellent
Powermatic precision means exacting engineering and design to assure accuracy in every band saw job. Powermatic dependability means that you will be sure of rugged service in production line or any simple fabrication. Extra Value Features! Check speed instantly, Change speed instantly from 47 – 5,200 SFM. Match the speed to the material to be cut… instantly! No time-wasting speed change-over necessary. Just dial the correct speed and get a smooth cut every time. Rugged, precision construction assures years and years of dependable performance in cutting all types of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, wood, plastic and similar materials.
The frame is of rugged sheet steel construction, braced for maximum rigidity – no die castings. Table: 24" x 24"precision ground cast-iron, with 3" machined flange, removable table insert. Tilts 45° right, 15° left on 6” wide cast-iron trunnion assembly with single lock and positive 90° stop. The wheels are dynamically balanced cast iron wheels turning on lubricated for life ball bearings. The Blade Adjustment is by a convenient handwheel. The spring mechanism absorbs shock, and maintains uniform tension. Built of tough, heavy-duty steel plate. Sturdy reinforcement at all points of stress assures maximum rigidity, accuracy and dependability even under the most extreme operating conditions. The drive is infinitely variable, 47 to 5,200 SFM, by variable speed dial. The transmission is in a 2-step oil bath.
Heavy duty 6" Single-Action trunnion for maximum rigidity. Adjust table 45° right, 15° left. Quick-set speed selector mechanism, transmission, motor and drive mechanism are completely enclosed in the base. Counter-Balaced guide bar makes guide and blade adjustment safe and simple. Front-Mounted control center within easy reach activates enitre variable speed range. No belts to change, hand-wheel controlled speed. Just a quick turn of the convenient hand-wheel and you accurately dial any speed from 47 SFM to 5,200 SFM. Highly important when stock changes are frequent and extreme accuracy must be maintained.

Made in U.S.A.
Wheel Diameter: 20"
Max. Width of Cut: 19-3/4"
Max. Depth of Cut: 12"
Blade Width min-max: 1/16" - 3/4"
Blade Speed: 47 – 5,200 SFM
Table Size: 3" x 24" x 24" Cast Iron Table Tilt, right: 45°
Table Tilt, left: 15°
Motor: 1-1/2 hp 220v 3 phase Floor Space Required: 39" x 27"
Weight (approximate): 1,300 lbs